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Our counsellling is done by professionals who are in the field since last eight years. The main focus of a counselling session is to ascertain that a student is psychologically fit for trading.
AAPT is designed to test the trading appitute of student. The questions test the ability to take risk, performance under pressure, quick calculation and numerical skills.
  • About myAssurance

  • Trading is an extremely valuable skill which leads to complete financial stability. Moreover, a trader gains mastery over the exploitation of market moves and its forces thereby placing him at an enviable position. Most successful traders end up no less than millionaires in their lifetimes.

    However, success comes at a very high cost in this job. Nobody can afford to be under prepared. Trading has an equally important aspect which one needs to work on: Psychology. As much as trading is a game of skill, it involves intense human emotions that need to controlled and channeled in the right direction.

  • Course Outline

  • MyAssurance is a unique offering that imparts skills in the following broad areas:
    • Financial Sales Enhancement
    • Strong theoretical foundations
    • Knowledge of markets fundamentals and technical analysis
    • Rigorous hands on experience of trading on trading platforms
    • Psychological orientation required for safe and profitable trading

    Financial Sales Skill Enhancement
    Financial Sales require a typical skill set that can be induced only by training the candidate. In this module Industry's top Financial Sales trainers will be training the students with apt knowledge to excel in the job profile offered by EliteStock.

    Introduction to Derivatives Theory
    Derivative instruments have been a feature of modern financial markets for several decades. They play a vital role in managing the risk of underlying securities such as bonds, equity, equity indexes, currency, short-term interest rate asset or liability positions The major derivative instruments, which in some respects may be regarded as building blocks, can be categorized as futures, forwards, swaps and options. Why should market participants seek to use derivatives? There are several answers to this question: derivatives may be used to speculate, hedge a portfolio of shares, bonds, foreign currency, etc., undertake arbitrage - i.e. benefit from mispricing, engineer or structure desired positions. Each of these functions will be described in detail in later chapters.

    Basic Trading strategies using Options
    When venturing into the options market, the best way to get the lay of the land is to be acquainted with at least some of the basic trading strategies like straddle, strangle, etc. and when to apply a particular strategy.

    Trading Platforms and Resources
    In this session we learn about various trading platforms which help us put in a trade into the market. We learn about various trading terminals in common usage. We also look into how to utilize Bloomberg and Reuters services. This shall be a complete practical session aimed at giving students a hands-on experience.

    Indian and Global Financial Markets, Macroeconomics & Fundamental Analysis
    This course focuses on the relation between macroeconomic factors, macroeconomic policy and financial markets and institutions. Financial markets and institutions are treated as the central elements in the transmission of macroeconomic policy. We also learn about the history and evolution of various exchanges globally.

    Trading using Technical Analysis
    To be able to use the signals resulting from the trend line break or from extremum, is only an introduction to work out a winning trading strategy. A proper choice of a moment to make a transaction, resulting from previously adopted rules is a fundament of all more advanced analytical techniques. In this session, we study classical bar charting techniques and usage of various indicators to predict price movements.

    Market research - analysis and creation of reports
    Trading reports based on various kinds of analysis - technical or fundamental play an important role on the typical trading day. Here, we learn how to analyze various reports and relating them to the market behavior.

    Psychology of Trading and Risk Management
    In trading world, often the failure to succeed is attributed to lack of psychological preparation and mental discipline to trade. Trading psychology has become so widely discussed and promoted through books that it has become a very convenient rationalization. In this session, we learn it from the traders themselves about how to develop the right psychology and improve trading performances.

  • Assurance Aptitude Test (AAPT)

  • For Next AAPT Examination dates please contact at 9711201831 OR 9711201811.
    Details of the Exams are as follow:

    Examination Center:

    IIFM, HS-13,
    2nd Floor,
    Kailash Colony Main Market,
    New Delhi-110048
    Landmark: Next to Anupama Sweets
    Time Duration for Exam: 60 min (10:00am to 11:00am)

    Exam Pattern:
    Quantitative Aptitude : 10
    Data Interpretation : 10
    Logical Reasoning : 10
    Financial Market Awareness : 10
    Total: 40
    Time Available:60 min

    For any Query/Assistance please contatc:
    Landline: 011 - 46584912-18
    Mobile: 9711201831 OR 9711201811
    Write us at: myassurance@iifm.co.in

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