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  • About Customized Workshop.

  • IIFM consultants can be approached for formulating workshops for Campus students.

    These workshops can be domain specific or could be absolutely general in nature. The financial domain specific workshops are created by the R&D team at IIFM and delivered by their trainers. The other workshops including ENM are delivered by our expert trainers at CORE (IIFM's promoted concern).

  • Case Study:

  • Client: One of the best undergraduate academic institutes at Delhi University.
    Requirement: Domain Specific Training on Trading, including Live Trading on the national and International markets for a batch of 40 students.
    IIFM R&D: IIFM R&D developed a 10 day programme to explain the following to the students:
    • Derivatives (Including Options and their strategies)
    • Basic Technical Analysis.
    • 30 hrs of Live Trading on the demo platforms of IIFM.
    IIFM Fees: IIFM charged on per hour basis. For details contact us at info@iifm.co.in

  • Case Study:

  • Client: One of the leading Universities in North India.
    Requirement: Research and Knowledge process outsourcing skills.
    Objective: To attract top notch Research and Knowledge process outsourcing firms.
    Students: For a batch of 100 students.
    Time frame for Training: 100 hrs.
    IIFM R&D: IIFM R&D developed a 80 hours program to suit the requirement of the University.

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  • The topics that we covered were:

    • 1. Research Acumen (Basic)
      • 1.1 Research Aptitude and Attitude.
      • 1.2 Understanding Research Requirements.
      • 1.3 Kinds of Research: Financial, Economic, Press-Related.
      • 1.4 Communication Basics: Oral.
      • 1.5 Communication Basics: Written.
    • 2. How to Research (Without Databases)
      • 2.1 Introduction to research sources for various requests.
      • 2.2 Free Databases.
    • 3. How to Research (With Databases)
      • 3.1 Database 1: ISI Emerging Markets.
      • 3.2 Database 2: Capitalone.
      • 3.3 Database 3: Indiastat.com.
      • 3.4 Database 4: Factiva.
      • 3.5 Database 5: Business Monitor International.
    • 4. Research Acumen (Advanced)
      • 4.1 Report Writing.
      • 4.2 Profile Creation.
      • 4.3 Excel Training.
      • 4.4 Formatting Hygiene.
      • 4.5 The Request Handling Process.
    • 5. Equity Research
      • 5.1 Equity Research Report Introduction.
      • 5.2 Strategic Analysis.
      • 5.3 Financial Statements Analysis.
      • 5.4 Financial Modeling.
      • 5.5 Valuation.
      • 5.6 Relative Valuation.
      • 5.7 Equity Report Writing.
    • 6. Research Project
      • 6.1 Project to be completed by students.

    Refresh Finance Citizen (RFC)

    Refresh Finance Citizen (RFC) is a finance conscious, community oriented go-getter, who not only wants to exude financial sense but also create a platform for others to understand the nuances of the green buck.

    What we provide is a platform for you to write your opinions, facts and learn from other's experience and knowledge.

    What you need to do is simply write a 350-400 page report, essay, opinion sheet or let us just say anything that you want to share in the great field of finance and we would love to publish it (after it is verified by our team of researchers) with your name.

    The jury would decide the best article and would dedicate one complete micro-site to the winner every month. Well that's just a way from our side to say THANK YOU.

    Let us share knowledge. Let us Refresh Finance.

    Team IIFM.

    Watch out RFC coming soon.
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