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  • Become an IIFM Franchisee Today !

  • The International Institute of financial markets Ltd. (IIFM) offers certification and training services to individuals and Professionals working in Financial sectors across India. IIFM is currently appointing franchisees across India. This is a unique opportunity for individuals and companies. So contact IIFM today by completing the Franchisee Inquiry Form.

  • Franchise FAQ's

  • Q) What is the profile of an IIFM Franchisee?
    A) A company which has significant footfalls of students / working professionals on a regular basis. An individual who is well networked and has the ability to market the various training products.

    Q) What is the Franchisee appointment process?
    A) Request for a Franchisee Application form by filling the inquiry form below On receiving the form, complete the same and submit it to IIFM via email. Upon receiving the form, IIFM will contact you. Upon confirmation, the franchisee would need to send a cheque / Demand Draft in favour of "IIFM". This fee will cover the one-time non refundable registration fee. Once payment is received, IIFM would deliver the franchisee kit.

    Q) What are the responsibilities of the Franchisee?
    A) The Franchisee's basic responsibility is to market IIFM products (certifications/trainings) in the particular location / city.

    Q) What are the responsibilities of IIFM?
    A) The Franchisee needs to pay a one-time non refundable registration fee. On receipt of payment, IIFM will provide the following as part of the kit:
    • Soft copy of IIFM Brochures which can be printed and presented to customers.
    • 10 -15 posters for your office / reception area.
    • Visiting cards for your staff.
    • Training for marketing staff of the franchisee These trainings are held in H.O.

    Q) Is it necessary to have previous teaching or educational experience for becoming IIFM Franchise?
    A) No. But if you have a teaching or an educational background, it would be an added advantage to you. We would provide you the training to operate IIFM franchise. Our partners come from diverse backgrounds. We ask them only to devote time and their efforts in operating IIFM franchisee.

    Q) Does IIFM provide financing?
    A) No, but we nurture them how to generate for long time.

    Q) Will I be trained to run IIFM franchisee?
    A) Yes - all our franchisees get initially trained and periodically trained by us. IIFM head office is in Delhi. All owners and operating managers are required to attend the training class.(at franchisee premises or at H.O) The cost of training is included in your franchise fee. Travel, lodging, and food expenses are the responsibility of the franchisee.

    Q) What is the initial franchise fee and financial requirements to open IIFM franchisee?
    A) IIFM sells franchisee, for current franchisee fee mail at franchisee@iifm.co.in (the fee would be revised from 1st Feb 2010) . And for bringing the branch the approx cost would be (2-3 lacs. Depending upon the region). These figures do not include operating capital for running the business. We also request you to have between 2 to 3 months of expenses on hand.

    Q) What is the % of revenue sharing?
    A) 70:30 (franchisee :IIFM).

    Q) How much money can I make from IIFM franchisee?
    A) IIFM does not provide earnings claims. Each center has a different set of costs associated with it; therefore we cannot accurately forecast earnings. We encourage you to contact current franchisees for information to help with your business plan. Based on the information you are provided, you should be able to construct an outline about your earning?.

    Q) What is the length of the Franchise Agreement?
    A) The length is 10 years, with a 10 year option.

    Q) How long does it take to open a IIFM franchise?
    A) The typical time it takes to open IIFM franchisee is 2 to 3 months. Once a MOU is signed it typically takes a month or two for marketing, infrastructure, advertisement ,& staffing.

    Q) What is the typical size of a IIFM franchisee?
    A) IIFM franchisee areas typically range in size from 1,000 to 1,800 square feet. Based on factors ranging from availability to demographics, At present we do have franchise operating at 1,500 square feet to as large as 2,500 square feet.

    Q) What kind of start up and training is provided to IIFM franchise?
    A) IIFM provides Comprehensive initial support to learn every aspect of running franchise, day-to-day operations and marketing your business , Exclusive use of our proprietary Operations , Sales and marketing training, including our proven marketing strategies.

    Q) Would there be any ongoing support from IIFM to franchise?
    A) IIFM provides Telephonic consultations, operational support ,Brand building , local territory strategies for marketing process & Effective advertising and public relations assistance.

    Q) Why IIFM franchise?
    A) IIFM franchise because of following facts:
    • Very significant and consistent market demand.
    • Market space is not crowded and it is the right time to take advantage of this opportunity.
    • Competition is weak and outdated.
    • Work from home office, high profit margins and low fixed overhead.
    • Strong training and ongoing support from a franchisor that is interested in your success.
    • Opportunity to acquire exclusive rights and to become a dominant market player in your territory.
    • Multiple markets and sources of revenue.
    • Ability to market services and products through the Net, direct selling and licensing arrangements.

    Q) who all can qualify for the IIFM franchise?
    A) A qualified franchisee should possess the following traits:
    • Feels comfortable and be persistent with the selling process.
    • Enjoys teaching people of wide range of ages.
    • Has proven business, marketing and sales skills.
    • Willing to follow a proposed sales and marketing plan.
    • Has sufficient financial resources to start and operate a new business.
    • Has the support of his/her family.
    • Has determination and patience to overcome challenges of building a new business.

  • Your Investment

  • The following summarizes the estimated costs for opening an IIFM franchisee Costs will vary depending upon your center's location, size, leasehold improvements, and other variables.

    Franchise Fee: For current franchisee fee mail at franchisee@iifm.co.in
    Infrastructure , logistics & office inventory For current franchisee fee mail at franchisee@iifm.co.in
    Advertising: Grand Opening Ads, Brochures For current franchisee fee mail at franchisee@iifm.co.in
    Total: For current franchisee fee mail at franchisee@iifm.co.in

    This website does not constitute an offer for the sale of franchises. A franchise offering can be made in a state only if we are qualified to offer franchises in that state, and only if we provide you with an appropriate Franchise Legal Documents.

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