Name: Asit Sharma
Profile: Co-Founder and Director
Asit has worked with McKinsey & Co, world's premier business consultancy firm, for 5 years. He has always been a top performer getting 3 promotions in 5 years. He is a consultant at heart and his problem solving skills are a big asset for IIFM. He is passionate about quality and operations. He at present is heading the Operations and Quality at IIFM.

He has been instrumental in conceptualizing and designing several courses at IIFM. He has also been a trainer for all his working life. In McKinsey, he was part of the core training team. In this role, he was involved with soft and hard skills training and induction of new hires. He also received advanced McKinsey skill development trainings while working with the firm. He has also worked with Boston Consultancy Group.

Training and helping young minds is his passion and that is what makes him take a lead in IIFM.

In his words: "The sheer excitement of helping students in getting closer to their goals is something that cannot be described in words. Education is the most important step in that direction. IIFM promises to deliver quality education at affordable prices."