IIFM: International Institute Of Financial Markets
Corporate Case Studies

Case Study:

Client: A top private bank.
Requirement: Training through online mediums on various financial concepts to maximize the reach across India.
Time frame: One year.

Job Execution:
  • IIFM consultants identified the training requirements through surveying the banking system.
  • IIFM Research and Development team created content which was to be delivered across the 5000 odd employees at the bank.
  • IIFM trainers and content team delivered the training programs through online medium.
  • IIFM trainers also developed digital content and provided digitized videos in cases where the training was more specialized in nature and required a standardized delivery system.
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Case Study:

Client: Exchange
Requirement: A primer for Currency Trading
Time Frame: 1 month

Job Execution:
  • IIFM consultants surveyed the trading population to understand the knowledge level on the currency market.
  • On the basis of the report submitted, IIFM Research and Development Team created the currency primer for the exchange.
  • The primer was then supported by research reports on currency trading. These were presented twice a day as Morning Session Updates and Evening Session Updates.
  • To order the primer or to read the table of content for the primer, kindly provide us with your email id and phone number.

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