IIFM: International Institute Of Financial Markets
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Retail Courses

IIFM offers courses both for students and professionals. For the former aimed at knowledge enrichment and job employability and for the latter focussed at personal development within their domain and growth. Need we say more?

Technical Analysis

If reading the pattern of stock market behavior is a problem for you, this course is the solution. It provides you tools for managing trading position. Its about generating tips & tricks for intra-day trading by using technical analysis. It provides you intensive training on how securities , price of equities , commodities etc. behave seeing the past behavior patterns of the markets and how to exploit that information to make money while avoiding losses.


  • Methods for identifying trends and turning points.
  • Develop self trading platform by using a set of indicators.
  • Methods for price forecasting.
  • Understanding charts and their patterns for buy-sell decision.

  • IIFM Course offering:-

  • 30 hrs course on weekends.
  • Study material based on research reports.
  • Tutorial from expert traders.
  • Software for capturing chart and patterns