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IIFM gives back: "Right to Education - For a Better Tomorrow"

On 1st April 2010, India made history. Right to Education was included in constitution as one of our Fundamental Rights. In order to make India a developed economy and one of the biggest in the world this is one of the most important step taken by our Government.
The idea behind this philosophy is to improve the quality of our citizens by making them literate and more skilled. We at IIFM have been following this philosophy since our inception. We believe that anyone who has the zeal to learn should not be denied education because he/she does not have the required resources to pursue his/her dreams.
We offer need based scholarships to students. Each course has kept some percentage of batch size for need based students.
In case you are interested in one of our courses and you feel you are eligible for the need based scholarship. Kindly, keep the following things in mind:
  • Fill out the form below.
  • At the time of the admission you might be asked to furnish details of your financial background (income details etc)
  • The amount of scholarship is solely at the discretion of IIFM. The decision of management is final
  • Management reaches it decision after careful examination of each application. Therefore, kindly do not reapply for the scholarship as we do not reconsider any application.
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