IIFM: International Institute Of Financial Markets
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Let the analysts at IIFM take care of your financial research requirements. Be it individuals for improving their trades or financial houses looking for A comprehensive research solution, we take pride in providing all. As a limited proposition, enter and get free forex reports at your mail.

IIFM's Research Outlook

We believe in a research based outlook towards trading and it is our constant endeavor to provide quality research so that the user is in a better position to take an informed decision. In our quest of quality research we provide the user with following informative tools and techniques:


In this volatile and ever changing market condition we constantly provide our users with updated and crisp information. The Noon connect provides our user with updated market movements and the likely trend the market might take. In this piece of information we try to provide the user with each and every news that has an important bearing on the Indian Currency Futures market.