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IIFM Press Release
  • IFM (U.S.) and India's IIFM to Offer World-Class Training to Prospective Financial Market Professionals and Stakeholders.

  • The Institute for Financial Markets (IFM), an independent affiliate of the Futures Industry Association (FIA), has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the International Institute of Financial Markets (IIFM) to provide customized and innovative educational solutions to the Indian financial markets. This tie-up between the two organizations aims to increase the technical competence of those entering into the financial industry, and to address educational gaps among financial industry employees.

    Both IFM and IIFM plan to jointly organize seminars for prospective market professionals at Indian educational institutions, and deliver high-quality education throughout the country. "IFM will provide the educational content, but will use IIFM's country and local market insights to determine the appropriate, tailored, training needs most in demand by the Indian student population," said Mr. Pranav Chaturvedi, Director, IIFM.

    For more than 20 years, IFM has successfully provided customized education and ethics training to banks, brokers, trading firms, investors, exchanges, public-policy makers and regulators located throughout the world. Clients include: the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Deutsche Börse, Bombay Stock Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, World Bank, China Foreign Exchange Trading System (subsidiary of the Peoples' Bank of China), the Options Clearing Corporation, as well as the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission and U.S. Congress.

    "The IFM is grateful for this opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise, and together with the IIFM are eager to expand the financial education outreach in India and Asia," said Mr. Peter Borish, its Chairman. IFM will use faculty instructors to conduct such programs in India, and may also train IIFM staff to provide additional course offerings. Furthermore, the IFM maintains a cooperative relationship with Kent State University and can provide accreditation for certain courses through the University's Center for Financial Engineering. Successful completion of the requisite courses would provide Indian students with a U.S. university-endorsed professional certificate.

    Notes to Editor
    About IFM: The Institute for Financial Markets® (IFM), founded in 1989, is a nonprofit foundation that serves as the education and data resource for financial industry professionals and the investors whom they serve. Headquartered in Washington DC, the IFM develops programs and market-based educational materials for the financial service industry and markets worldwide, as well as for those who shape and implement public-policy and regulation of markets. IFM also provides global market data used daily by banks and financial industry firms and their clients; and academic and government researchers throughout the world.

    www.theIFM.org ® The Institute for Financial Markets is a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

    About IIFM: International Institute of Financial Markets (IIFM), a leading training provider, is based in New Delhi with a growing distribution network across India. IIFM is a pioneer in the field of financial market education, certifications, mentoring programs, training and development workshops.IIFM is registered as an Education provider with Financial Planning Standard Board of India (FPSB) for the Certified Financial Planner CM course. Apart from CFP CM, IIFM provides a certification of Stock trading operations and Forex Derivatives courses. It also offers sales courses on all financial products including mutual funds and life insurance to increase the knowledge and competence of sales representatives and the advice they give to clients.

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