IIFM: International Institute Of Financial Markets
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IIFM offers courses both for students and professionals. For the former aimed at knowledge enrichment and job employability and for the latter focussed at personal development within their domain and growth. Need we say more?

Enhanced Negotiations Model (ENM)

It is an umbrella module that aims to improve various aspects of one's personality. A collection of various skills, ENM, holistically improves behavior and thinking. It enables candidates to build a brand and market themselves to their peers, superiors, employees and potential employers.
ENM trainings are a proprietary product of and have been certified by SMa board. IIFM is the sole-education provider for the board and certifies the student with a certification of "Brand You!" through Enhanced Negotiation Model.


IIFM and SMa conducted a research on what traits are most desirable by recruiters. Based on that research, we streamlined the modules to facilitate the evolution of these traits in individuals. Those traits when put into broad categories led to the concept of BRAND U.

  • B - Become solution oriented, far sighted, and analytical.
  • R - Role plays (giving a flavor of corporate life) make you more aware, confident, and effective.
  • A- Awareness of what works and what does not in the dynamic market space today.
  • N - Network and market yourself better by way of resume, and effective interviews.
  • D - Develop aptitude for effective communication and presentation styles.
  • U - Understand yourself and leverage your strengths to your full potential.
  • IIFM Course offering:-

  • Three month comprehensive course which gives an in depth knowledge of subject.
  • Coaching by expert faculty having rich experience in the field.
  • Session on Live trading platform to give practical knowledge.
  • Coaching for NISM currency derivative and NCFM commodity module.
  • Research based trading in Currency and Commodity market.