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Campus to Corporate (C2C)
  • About C2C Model.

  • Campus to Corporate model or in short C2C was envisaged by our research and development team to service huge unmet demand of fresh graduate, undergraduate students at financial corporate houses.
    The demand is unmet mainly due to financial skill sets not being present with the fresher's who pass out from various colleges.
    The campus is chosen on the basis of the corporate requirement and the course is customized to suit the requirement of the corporate house.

    Model Flow:

    • IIFM consulting team can either be approached by the Campus or the Corporate who not only believe in the model but also feel that the model can add value to them.
    • Consequently, IIFM consulting team would approach the other member with the requisition.
    • IIFM research and development team would then create content for the students to be skillfully trained.
    • These students can then be shortlisted by the Corporate house, which requires this manpower.

    Case Study:

    Corporate House: An Exchange
    Campus: A reputed College in Delhi
    Job Requirement and the Client's center: Business Development and Advisory Managers
    Job Description charted by IIFM consultants
    • Setting-up and executing a sales & marketing activity plan including Institutional Business Development.
    • Developing Relationships with the top Brokers and getting brokers and traders to be associated with the exchange.
    • Driving the business in the assigned region to ensure achievement of targets given.
    • Consequently leading a team for a specific region.
    • Coaching of junior team members, coaching of agents, sales partners and traders.
    • Analyzing customer needs, advising customers and answering their questions, in order to achieve the commercial objectives and optimize on the relationship.
    • Generating Revenues by Brokers / Agents Channel.
    • Conducting Regular Product Training sessions with Brokers / Agents staff.
    • Online Software Services training to the Clients.
    • Identifying the potential Brokers and making them active.
    • Maintaining Healthy & Cordial Relationships with Channel Partners for expanding Business and Resolving the Queries & Complaints.
    • Participation in Planning, Budgeting and Strategizing for Sales.
    • Mapping of the Market by understanding the competitors.
    Package to be offered to these prospective Managers: 2.5 lac to 3.5 lac per annum
    Course Created by the IIFM Research and Development Team for these students:

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  • The topics that we covered were:

    • 1. Inhibition Kill : Including two standard games.
      • 1.1 How many coffees can you drink?
      • 1.2 How to win friends and influence people.
    • 2. Prospecting methodologies for Institutional Sales.
    • 3. Overcoming Call Reluctance. Call Champions.
    • 4. Removing the element of chance.
      • 4.1 Focusing on the Need of the intermediary.
      • 4.2 Personality Analysis.
    • 5. Knowledge builders
      • 5.1 Industry Knowledge
      • 5.2 Product Knowledge
      • 5.3 Application of knowledge
      • 5.4 Competition Knowledge
    • 6. Objection Handling.
    • 7. Closing the Sale.
    • 8. Customer Service-Customer Satisfaction.
    • 9. Developing successful Sales Support Systems.
    • 10. Company Expectations.
    • 11. Get - Set -Go (another game based learning).
    • 12. Creation of 10 scripts that sell.
      • 12.1 Cold Calling Scripts.
      • 12.2 Referral Calling Scripts.
      • 12.3 Getting past the secretaries script.
      • 12.4 'I am too busy' script
      • 12.5 'Not interested' Script
      • 12.6 'Mail Me' Script
      • 12.7 'Script for overcoming objections'
      • 12.8 'Overcoming postponement' scripts
      • 12.9 'Closing effectiveness' Script
      • 12.10 'Referral Closing' Scripts
    Training hours for the entire module: 90 hrs.
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